WordPress is now powering almost 40% of all websites!

Whether you already have a website and need someone to make updates and add pages for you,
or you need someone to build you a user friendly well-designed website, you’re in the right place!

Website updates

Update your website text and imagery

Create pages on your existing website

Opsimise your website to be more user friendly

Optimise the design of your website

Add features on your website, such as contact forms and calendar booking options

Website Design & Creation

I create simple, beautiful and user-friendly websites in WordPress!

Your site will be user and mobile-friendly, beautifully designed and easy to find!

Your site will be search engine optimised and ready to go with tools, such as google analytics, search console and yoast all ready for you

You will be able to easily edit and update your website once it’s finished – no need to rely on a developer to make changes and updates for you

I offer simple branding services to make sure your brand is coherent with logos, fonts and colours

Client examples:

Golf Coach Gavin Clark got in touch because his old website was no longer up to standards.
The design was making it hard to read the content, the site was hard to use and a lot of the content was not working.
The site was also lacking search engine optimissation.
You can see what the website looked like below.


I built a fresh new website that focuses on user experience and presents his key services in simple and clear manner.
I designed a simple logo and chose the perfect colours to go with the style of the website.

Gavin now has a website that he is proud of and his customers have a place where they can find information and make bookings easily!


Yoga med Oksana were just getting started with their business and wanted a playful and user-friendly website to represent their childrens brand.
The colours of the website were chosen based on the colours of their product and the visuals used on the website are original drawings by the owner.
The website provides a space for customers to learn about their products and services as well as a knowledge base to learn more about the topic overall.


Courageous Development wanted me to have a look at their website and see if any improvements
could be made in usability and design in order to bette highlight their services.
They also wanted me to carry out search engine optimisation.
You can see what the site looked like below.


I updated the site to make it look more professional and on-brand and tidied up the content to improve user experience.
I also optimised the content for search engines.