Social Media

Are you tired of spending time creating content for your social media channels without any reward?

Find your voice and provide genuine value – get business in return.

I can help you:

Create and implement a social media strategy

Make sure your strategy works across all channels

Grow you social media following

Ensure your social media posts are relevant, visually appealing and on-brand

Create a plan, optimise and monitor the outcomes

I specialise in Instagram & LinkedIn,
but am happy to work with other channels also!

Client examples:

Bloom People wanted to optimise their social media strategy in a way that better targeted their different audiences. Some channels were not bringing the expected results and needed to be re-evaluated. We decided on using Instagram and LinkedIn only in order to reach the desired audience with quality content. We optimised the visuals to be eye catching for Instagram and adapted content to be more professional on LinkedIn.

Yoga med Oksana provides yoga cards for kids (in Norway) and uses Instagram and Facebook to promote their products and connect with their audience. We created beautiful on-brand visuals that promote the product as well as knowledge based posts that show off the creators expertise and provides value for the followers. The strategy resulted in lots of sales through both channels.

Purposeful Educators use Mighty Networks, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to promote their events, memberships and courses. They wanted their channels to be more consistent and their content more visually appealing. We created on-brand visuals for each of the channels and created a social media calendar to ensure content was posted regularly and the audience was kept engaged.