Do you..

Own a business, but lack the marketing knowledge or the budget to hire someone full time?

Want to develop your business further, but don’t have the time to do lots of research?

Need someone to advice you on the best way of doing things and the best tools to use?

Need help getting organised, creating a marketing plan and actually making it happen?

Want to have more time to do the things you actually enjoy?

I can help you:

See the bigger picture – sort out your priorities, make an action plan, get things done.

Get back to why – understand why you do the things you do, weed out useless activities, start spending your time on things that provide value and stop wasting your time on things that don’t.

Find your voice – are you tired of spending time creating content for your social media channels without any reward? Find your voice and provide genuine value – get business in return.

Reach your goals – I can provide you with the tools and ideas to get you there.


£100 setup fee

This includes the time I spend getting to know your business, carrying out research and mapping out what areas need improving as well as making a plan of action.

£23 / hour

Once you’re all set up, you’ll only pay for the hours you need!


Most of my clients will need a mixture of all of my services, but if you want to read more about the specific areas in which I specialise you can do so below:

E-mail Marketing

For those who need help growing their e-mail list and putting in place e-mail marketing strategies and automations.


For those who need help tying all of their social media channels together, putting in place social media startegies and optimising their content.


For those who need someone to make updates on their website, such as add pages and edit content OR need someone to build them a basic website.


For those who need help with SEO! Keyword research, content optimisation and suggestions, website opsimisation, SEO tool implementation and more.


For those who need someone to look at their business and what they've done so far and advice them on the best way to go forward towards achieving your goals.