Hello there!

Here is a little bit of information about me.

My name is Ieva Vaiciunaite and I am a Lithuanian born, Norwegian raised and England studied virtual marketer!

I have lots of experience in Social Media, Content Creation, Branding, E-mail Marketing, SEO and Website Design.

I have great organisational skills and love helping my clients getting their businesses in order!

I love fixing things and getting things done!

I love donuts!

I also love donuts – but I am a traditional kind of girl, so it’s original glazed all the way! (It’s safe to say the donut in the picture did not live up to its hype)

I am a certified yoga instructor – but who isn’t now a days! It just means I love yoga and wanted a nice holiday in an ashram in India.

I love the outdoors and go hiking, canoing, skiing and camping as often as I can!

I am a proud allotment owner and will often bore you with slug related matters.

I am constantly looking to improve myself – I know, millenials are the worst!

This means that you will often hear about my failed intermittent fasting attempts, which only made me eat more!

On the bright side, you can learn from my mistakes and never repeat them…

As part of the self improvement, I now try to meditate and read every day, be a vegan and not have caffeine. It is going great so far…

If you are interested in the more boring stuff, like my actual knowledge and experience, feel free to download my CV below!